Admission Process

London International Collegiate School

Please review our admission process below. You can find a detailed guide on how the London International Collegiate School registration and process fully works!

LICS Admission Process

  • Step 1)

    Learn more about our school and talk to our admissions manager about entry requirements.

  • Step 2)

    Fill out an online application and submit it with a copy of passport, two years' academic transcripts, letter of recommendation letter from your current school, immunization record, birth certificate with your registration fee $300 (CAD).

  • Step 3)

    Get ready for an interview over Skype with our admissions team and get your Letter of Acceptance.

  • Step 4)

    Get your right documents ready and apply for your study permit at least weeks prior to the start of your classes. Apply at least 6 weeks prior to the start of classes to obtain a study visa.

  • Step 5)

    Confirm Arrival Information with us at least two weeks prior to your arrival in Canada.

Fees & Refund Policy

Registration Fee $300.00 (CAD)

Tuition deposit $:4800.00(CAD) for 12 courses .

Health Insurance $750 for full year. 

Bank information for wiring funds:

Customer name: London International Collegiate School
Transit No. 00012
Inst. No. 004
Account No. 5288949
Reference: Child(s) Name(s)


  1. If Citizenship and Immigration Canada does not approve an application to study in Canada, the tuition deposit $4800.00 will be refunded deducting the bank transfer fees.  Please note that without the letter of refusal issued by the Canadian Embassy, the tuition fee will not be refunded. 
  2. After the admissions office has accepted the student and if the student decides not to attend the school, 50% tuition fee will be refunded with the return of the original letter of acceptance. 
  3. There will be no refund of tuition fees if the student does attend the school and chooses to leave the school after s/he has arrived in Canada. 
  4. There will be no refund of tuition fees if the student is found in violation of school policies and procedures. 
  5. There will be no refund of tuition fees if the student changes immigration status and becomes permanent residents of Canada.

    Assessment & Evaluation Policy Overview

    We assess and evaluate the learning of students based on their chosen courses. The purpose of the assessment and evaluation is to improve their learning ability, that helps each student achieve overall curriculum expectations in a program or course. Our teachers actively engage in the assessments, and come up with descriptive feedback in order to determine and improve students’ performance.

    Our Course Evaluation

    The specific assessment and evaluation information are given to the student at the beginning of each term. Our course marks are divided into two parts after assessment & evaluation.

    For term work 70%

    For final exam 30%

    All courses are evaluated as per the breakdown:

    Knowledge and Understanding 20%

    Thinking and Investigation 15%

    Communication 15%

    Application 20%

    Term Mark 70%

    Final Summative 30%

    Final Report Card 100%

    Our Report Cards and Transcripts

    Report Cards and Transcripts represent a strong aptitude for, a commitment to, a demonstration of, and an achievement in a student's chosen courses throughout the academic year. The Report Cards recognize a student's strengths, and may also identify the weakness in both academic areas, and exemplary competence, suggesting a way of building up a student’s competence and self assurance. We issue report cards at the end of each term in April, June, and December. The midterm report card is issued once a student has completed 50% of the course and the final report is issued, after a student has successfully achieved the overall curriculum expectation, and after a final examination by our teachers.

    Student Attendance Policy

    The student is responsible for his/her successful course completion, that is, for attending his/her regular classes as per the course calendar. It is the commitment of our class teachers, administrator, staff, and parents/guardians, as well, that full-time and part-time students don’t miss any classes without a reason. Therefore attendance is recorded. A student who misses 14 days will be deemed as persistently absent and the student will be obliged to do the missed assignments and to hand them into his/her class teacher. If a student fails to do the missed work, she may be removed from the enrolment register.


Do you have questions about the registration process? Feel free to contact us today and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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